Monday, 9 March 2015

Fawad Khan

now, Khoobsurat was an ok flick but there was a moment when we did take in a deep breath. whoaaa, who knew sexy as heck Fawad Khan has such a rockin' body??? and ooh-mer-ggg why isn't he shirtless more often? such a fit, tight, lean body and justtttt the right amount of fuzz. hot. hawwwtt. hottt. sexy Pk-guys-in-Bollywood only at

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  1. Hey Ash...Can u plz post the whole "men of mumbai" series photos of Dushant Yadav ....It was in the Zeesan dand 's Picasa album...But it is now not avialable..So can u post those pics of Dushant...Those are super them...