Thursday, 4 June 2015

Cute Guys at the Beach in India

Hot! Esp the guy with the wedgie. The white briefs butt shot is HOT! sexy vids only at


  1. Oh my god
    What a sexg guys. Admin great job yaar

  2. damn ... the guy in white briefs is so hot ... i got a boner when he was lifted by other guys ... and i also loved his sexy dance moves !!!!

  3. It's soooo strange. When you drive around India the men are exceptionally good looking especially in parts of Rajasthan. Any number could be Vogue male models straight off the street, no problem. Yet local Bollywood actors and Indian male models are all so so, even quite uninteresting, and from any perspective but primarily seen from the global fashion and modelling industry. I wonder what's up with that?! Is there some kind of weird cast system in place that keeps all the strikingly handsome men outside the industry!!!??? Is it skin colour or shade!? Come on India! That's not good enough. I know for a fact you can do way better than this......Good looking Indian men are absolutely stunning and everywhere, why are they being kept out?????