Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Angad Hasija

well, so here it is. the nude-ish shots and other shirtless shots of the newly buff, taned and toned tv hunk Angad Hasija. click on the images for a much much much larger pic. do we like? do we think yawn? dunno yet.

the photography is good - amit khann we think (someone pls confirm) but there's a sense of... is that it isn't there? after the hype of sexiest shoot ever by a tv star hyperbola?!  oh well.

sexy tv guys topless and pantless only at


  1. Please post shirtless image in briefs of Raghav juyal from ABCD2

  2. interesting to see Angad making a bold move.. like like...

  3. Ash--I think you are being too critical. Angad Hasija looks fabulous and hot in these pictures. He his handsome, fit, and studly looking. The photographs are by Amit Khanna and they are great at showing off Angad's physique and attitude.