Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Karan Kapoor

wow - we heard back swiftly after earlier post. and yes, Karan Kapoor - the Bombay Dyeing 'Dreamlover" was indeed an Indian Supermodel. Don't be fooled by the blonde-blue-eyed looks. this dreamy, dreamy, dreamy man was THE hunk in India in the 1980s. Son of Actor Shashi Kapoor (who was a hottie back in his day), this Eurasian uber hunk rocked many a fantasy for us back in the dazay. we haven't seen him recently - god we hope he hasn't chubb'd up. but just looking deep into these eyes takes us to a happy place.

he did a few Hindi movies in the 1980s - all flopped - so he went away... somewhere. we believe he's a photographer now. wonder if he found a muse as sexy as himself?

hotty. only at

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