Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Arjun Rampal

its been soooo long since we posted a pic of Arjun Rampal topless that we nearly forgot this hottie exists. a personal life that's been played out in media - like what the what is going on between him, meher and suzanne?! - oh wait, we don't care. moving on. this sexy 40+ needs to take it off for his fans. thank god this DILF still poses topless on his own instagram. hot. hotties only at http://shirtlessbollywoodmen.blogspot.com/

btw scroll back to the early days when arjun rampal posed in his underwear. remember he was a model for a long time before he joined Bollywood. so there are some really sexy pics of him out there somewhere. we still waiting to dig some up. apparently he wasn't shy of posing in briefs, swimwear or semi-nude. hottie.

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