Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Akshay Kumar's Thunder Thighs

why should just Sridevi have the term 'thunder thighs' associated with her? we are gaga for Akshay Kumar's thunder thighs! such a hottie. screengrab from Suhaag from the 90s. Akshay Kumar had the sexiest bikini dance in the history of Indian cinema in the film. if you haven't seen it - get it now! dvd. don't get the lame version. he's soooo hot in this movie. and in the same pair of blue speedos oddly. hmm. hot. so hot. anyhoo, here's a scene where akshay shows off his sexy legs. man was not shy of droppin' trou' for years in Bollywood. but now that he's married and a father of two... sigh... no more skin show or sexy scenes. oh well. it was great while it lasted. sexy pantless Bollywood hunks only at


  1. He was sexy shirtless in airlift song plzz post that

  2. Bollywood Insider16 February 2016 at 03:57

    Akki baba has been mighty shy after that incident on the sets of Talaash. Refuses to even wear shorts now!

  3. What happened on sets of talash ?