Thursday, 31 December 2015

Model and actor in Underwear

Just like Arjun Rampal, sexy actor Rajneesh Duggal started off as an underwear model turned ok-actor. He so cute and we've all seen him strut in bikini briefs in that underwear ad of his on tv. hoping to find similar pics of sexy Arjun Rampal from his early 90s underwear modeling days. anyone have any?

Meanwhile, google Rajneesh Duggal underwear and find innumerable pics of him in his briefs. There are many underwear models but Rajneesh always had the flattest stomach and the cutest face. the others seem just ok by comparison.

we heart Rajeesh! the now married actor who did his stint at reality tv. hope to see more of him... wearing less. ;0)

Indian hunks in underwear only at

Here's that sexy video clip of him wearing briefs by the pool. no logic (wouldn't he wear a speedo? whatevs). so cute. so hot.

PS: how cute he looks kissing this gal. dreamy...

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