Saturday, 30 January 2016

Aditya Roy Kapoor's fine behind

oh dayummmmm. Aditya Roy Kapoor topless is hot, but this sexy swagger shot of him walkin' away just begs us to scream cum back. holy shizz. so hot. can't wait to see fitoor just for this hottie's hotness. the red hair on katrina kaif - no matter what it cost - is fking awful. but the lean torso of sexy Aditya Roy Kapoor is fking awesome. can't wait. hot Indian men's derrieres only at

Hrithik Roshan topless

As we all know, semi-clad Hrithik Roshan is a thing of orgasmic beauty. damn the gorgeousness of this hunky man. Hrithik Roshan's biceps alone make us scream and cream.. wowsa. a bit of a throwback, but he hasn't been doing shoots of late and we found this series online that's not on our SBM blog - the comprehensive site for hunky shirtless (and sometimes pantless) Indian men. gorgeous guys only at

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Tiger Shroff topless

Tiger Shroff's sexy shoot for Stardust was hot shizz. Here's the entire series. we love it all. damn he's buff. whoaaa. sexy in the pool. pulling his swimshorts down for that hot 'v' shot. dayumn. sexy newcomers only at

Male Model at the Beach

Cute guy at the beach in boxerbriefs and topless at \

Jackie Shroff topless

Jackie Shroff topless. he was such a gorgeous man. with a strong sense of very masculine fashion. butch and beautiful. hot. gorgeous. Tiger Shroff, ie Jackie Jnr isn't as brave as Jackie was with his hot shoots. Hot Bollywood men only at

Male Model in white briefs

Gorgeous Indian male model Honey Makhani is getting finer and finer. great face, amazing body. and rockin' those white briefs. sexy snaps from... i think Amit Khanna photography. hot pics of male models in their underwear only at

Sunday, 24 January 2016

Oh hello Tiger!

The latest pics of fit as hell Tiger Shroff semi-topless (giving us a semi...) in a tub. Whoaa. Grrr Tigerrrr. We love how sexy the shot is but not too revealing either. Its sensuous and hot. And gosh, he does have the best body in the business - for a newcomer. There are of course the usual suspects like Hrithik Roshan and John Abraham and so on, but among the new lot, its a toss between the oft compared Tiger Shroff and Sooraj Pancholi (but with the indelible black stain on his rep, we'd opt for Shroff anyday).

You know the expression, A pussycat outside, a Tiger in the sack? Well, we do wonder if virginal Tiger is good in the sack or if needs to be taught?! I mean, despite that body, doesn't Tiger cub have a goody-two-shoes look about him? esp when he does the perpetual 'tarded-smile?! Anyhoo, we love a good guy with a bad-ass bod. Hot Indian men only at

Thursday, 21 January 2016

John Abraham shirtless

John Abraham. latest topless pic. oh how hottttttttt. Dabboo Ratnani photography. we die every time he takes his shirt off.

Indian hotties only at

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

15 Topless Indian Male Models

hotness. 15 of the hottest new working male models took it off - well, half off - for a hot shot. got abs/

hot Indian men shirtless only at

Farhad Shahnawaz in bulging bikini

Farhad Shahnawaz is not shy - we love following him on instagram as he's often shirtless, showing off that insanely hot body. and he's not shy of taking his pants off for the camera. well, would you, if you had this hot bod? cute guy. fit as hell. the latest beach shots of him in bikini briefs - whoa bulge - shot by Amit Khanna is too hot. hot Indian men only at

Ruslaan Mumtaz in the pool

Ruslaan Mumtaz is a super cute, fit actor now whose on tv shows. we love these cute and hot shots of him by the pool in swimsuit. amazing abs. great face. hottie. cut Indian guys in their swimwear by the pool only at

Hot Indian Men in their Underwear

We rarely post amateur Indian hunks here but these guys are so cute and so hot. Love that they've dropped trou' for a shot. Anyone know anything more about this pic? Hot Indian men in their underwear only at

Thursday, 14 January 2016

Varun Dhawan's latest topless shot

Varun Dhawan and his hotness kicks off 2016 for us. what a great hot shot. he should only pose without his shirt (or pants) on. hot. cute. but mostly just hotttt. Dabboo Ratnani photography. Sexy snaps of Varun Dhawan only at

Dabboo Ratnani's hot pics coming soon

Bollywood's favourite chubby Dabboo dubby, is about to release his annual calendar. he always manages to capture the hottest hunks of Bollywood in style. and often topless. we love him for it. after last year's hot shot of John Abraham in his underwear, will there be anyone else who'll dare to bare? can't wait to see.

hottest pics only at


for a throwback thursday, here's vintage Bollywood hottie Dharmendra. god he was gorgeous. even with the un-gym non-toned body, just a handsome, handsome man. that smile. those Hollywood style teeth, that Italian face. hottest Punjabi ever. vintage hunks only at

Randeep Hooda naked in bed

Randeep Hooda is one gorgeous and talented man and 'gifted' in many ways. we just got an anonymous note from a stylist who was doing a shoot with him and said whoaa, the man is hung! well now. and not shy about it. well again. hot. one of the hot and underrated hunks of bollywood. he's on the verge of hitting the mega-league. one to watch fo' sho'. even when he's not topless (or naked in bed - as assumed from that sexy stardust cover shot) as in the tuxedo pic, he's hot. that chiseled face. yummy. hot pics of hot Indian men only at

Sunday, 10 January 2016

The Sexy Sanyasi? Nirvana

oooo. we found this extremely hot, India inspired shoot online and we freakin' love it. how hot is this Indo-looking but not really, male model? and the shoot's uber cool.
NIRVANA shot by Italian photographer Baldovino Barani
Styled by - @bhisan_station
Grooming by - @gloomyparanoid