Friday, 1 January 2016

Arjun Kapoor in his Underwear

as a former fatty we feel for Arjun Kapoor. every day is a battle of the bulge. he clearly yo yos with his weight - don't worry ak, so does queen of all media oprah. but the guy is talented, hot and if he wants to stay on screen with stiff competition from his contemporaries like the naturally skinny ranveer singh or ranbir kapoor, then ya better shape up. abhishek bachchan would be the cautionary tale - decent actor, all the pedigree but near zero sex appeal for someone so young. and look where he is today. so arjun, shape up. so much potential - eg these screengrabs from a scene that was cut in 2 states - which was a cool movie and he was pretty good in it.

real pic of Arjun Kapoor in his underwear - boxers thankfully. still don't have the body to pull off (or on as the case may be) a sexy brief. or even boxer-brief!

hot desi guys or potentially hot desi guys - i mean this sexy pic below - only at

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