Saturday, 6 February 2016

Male model in briefs - hot nerd alert

ok, so he probably doesn't really need the glasses (i mean, if you're spending this much time at the gym to get this hot bod, don't have much to spare with words and such! ;)

hot guy, amazing body. wow thighs. wow abs. cute face. anyone know who the model is? who shot it? love a hot nerd. we used to date a hot nerd in university. looked tame - but a wildcat in the sack.. aaah the good ol' days.

anyhoo, hot cute guy with his pants off - what a hot body. hot men only at

UPDATE: thanks to fans, this is Prateek Awasthi. the body's amazing. from what we've seen of his portfolio, some pics, he looks amazing, in others ok. hats off to the amazing photographers.


  1. sayan sur roy shot

  2. The amazing hot handsome hunk is prateek awasthi.