Saturday, 6 February 2016

Ranbir Kapoor's underwear... strap!

Good to know Ranbir Kapoor likes to wear Diesel boxer-briefs! And to pose topless. Its been a long time since we posted a shirtless pics of talented Ranbir Kapoor. Wethinks he's not as tight and toned as he was in the infamous towel-drop scene in Saawariya. Hmm. With yet another flop, the Kapoor scion seems to have lost his mojo (and if rumours of the break-up with katrina kaif are true, well now, a year of loses for him and 2015 will be his annus horribilis.  But the talented young man is bound to bounce back up. He's cute... kinda... (dunno he does nothing for us but clearly people like him) and his following is rather intense so let's see what lies ahead.

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