Thursday, 4 February 2016

Ratheesh Raj

we have so few contributions of hot South Indians that we're happy to post any submissions from fans. Ratheesh Raj, from Kerala we believe, has a hot hot bod. He's been photographed beautifully by the French (Belgian?) Francois Matthys where he looks exceptionally hot. Like hot chocolate hot. then there are other pics which are just ok.

A note for aspiring models; GET a good photographer to do your portfolio and see how it changes the course of your career.

BTW there used to be some seriously sexy shots of Ratheesh on tumblr - but that sites gone. anyone have them - we only grabbed a few hot pics in earlier post. sexy guy who's not shy - our favourite kind of hunk.

If there are any new snaps of this hottie, do let us know. 

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