Friday, 27 May 2016

When Salman Khan's ex put her hands into Sanjay Dutt's pants...

So the oddness of this early 90s shoot is just... wtf. Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt are allegedly no longer friends - they were thick as thieves (!) back in the day. Clearly something went wrong as they no longer are seen chilling. Somy Ali is an infamous Pakistani actress that never quite made it in Bollywood. Pretty girl, zero talent, awkward dancer. But she moved to the US, founded an early version of Being Human charity, stayed friends with Salman Khan (which was one of the reasons Aishwarya and Salman split, allegedly). So these bizarre and oddly sexual pics are just.. plain odd. I know Sanjay Dutt has many fans so here are shirtless shots of him but for us, he'll always be a bit meh. Mostly, in the 90s and 80s he said some severely homophobic things. hmm. Hot pics and hot bytes only at

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