Sunday, 25 September 2016

Aditya Roy Kapoor topless on Stage

Thanks to contributors, here's a correction and update on sexy Aditya Roy Kapoor topless on stage. Sexy Aditya Roy Kapoor hasn't been the most frequent shirtless Bollywood celeb but then he didn't get this fit until Fitoor - and whoaaa. How hot. Lean and mean, he gets our vote for the perfect body.. well, kinda. We don't know if he's got chicken legs. You know those celebs who work out their top half, forget leg day and have these scrany legs in swimsuits - which is why they rarely pose in them!

Anyhoo, at the moment, this looks damn fine Mr Aditya Roy Kapoor! Rocking 2016 with that endearing smile, hot abs and hotness.

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  1. Ah!! What a body!! And the face!! Made my p...s stand up. Want him....

  2. Just the right amount of hair and chutzpah... sexy guy

  3. You made my day.I simply love this sexy man.He is a such a hottie and a complete darling in real life too.

  4. he has got the best boobs in Bollywood.. bulgy and big and he looks hella hot