Thursday, 17 November 2016

Indian model on the International Scene: Himanshu Sharawat

Himanshu Sharawat, who was discovered from our blog - although he's been on several sites!) is the bold, buff, braver Indian male model who has been traveling the world working his hot bod off! damn that body. and not shy about it. If you're gonna make it on the international scene, you cannot be shy! Hit the gym and werk!

The abs, the butt curve, the chiseled face. We have a pref to mostly show hot Indian actors and don't use random online male models but we WILL make an exception for this hot hot hottie!

Sexy Himanshu Sharawat in boxerbriefs, in speedos, shorts, in his underwear in bed. yes, yes, and yaaas.



  1. Replies
    1. your claiming a BOLD personally know this? you know this man?

  2. Hi Zeasand, any link to the full nude pics? Thanks