Thursday, 29 December 2016

Ranbir Kapoor in a Robe. Sexy.

Its the hidden promises that makes this shot so hot. He could be naked underneath, he could have briefs on. He could be.. anything. Hot shot of Ranbir Kapoor on a film set. Hot Indian men only at SBM!

Sharman Joshi shirtless in Hate Story 3

Sharman Joshi shirtless in Hate Story 3. For a rather nerdy looking guy, he has a rather fit bod! cute.

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Gautam Rode

on random google search, we found these latest hot new pics of Gautam Rode! shirtless and wet! hot. TV hunk with a film coming out soon with Zarine Khan (the bloated version of Katrina Kaif!) and the uber sexy Abhinav Shukla in Aksar 2. Sadly despite having two of the hottest hunks, the movie will allegedly have fewer sexy scenes. Shame. As both fit guys are not shy of taking it off on screen or for the camera!

Why Bollywood why?! Hot Indian men only at SBM! 

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Hrithik Roshan in just his pants on Vogue

holy hotness Hrithik Roshan! what a grand way to end 2016 and kick off 2017! Sexy Hrithik Roshan shirtless and with that ridiculous (but slightly over retouched!) delicious body! and with lia's flawless legs to boot. hot

Hot magazine hot shots of Hunky hunks only at SBM!

Vintage Bollywood Hunks: Jeetendra and Dharmendra shirtless. Together!

For a serious throwback, here are vintage hotties Jeetendra and Dharmendra shirtless. Together! lol and kinda hot.

Hot Bollywood men only at SBM!

Sahil Aurora; hot Indian male model in bulging briefs

Sahil Aurora and his hot, hot bod! Great face, we love this gorgeous male model! With the perfection of his fat-free bod and that amazing face and jawline... he could be the next big hot male model in Mumbai.  He can't go tooooo over-gym'd big (too big for high fashion clothes) and he just might be up there, struttin' his stuff on the catwalk! fingers crossed for sexy Sahil!

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Abhinav Shukla's naked Selfie...

Ok not a selfie selfie but a self pic indeed of our all-time fav TV hunk Abhinav Shukla! If you look carefully, he's naked but all the hot bits are well covered! ;) We have seen him swimming in the pool and he has the most divine bubble butt! First ran into him during his Gladrags days when he had this weird flat-ironed long hair (go back in our archives to see the pic!). He always had a buff hot bod, but unlike other Gladrags hunks, Abhinav Shukla is getting better and hotter with age. When the modeling days goes flat, people put on weight and loose their shape but this hottie has stayed hot. hoping and praying for sexier shoots with this uber hunk.

We heart you Abhinav!!

 Hot TV hunks only at SBM!

Aashif Sheikh topless in bed with Kimi Katkar

When the song Bin Tere Sanam first came out, we were seriously crushing on the hottie Aashif Sheikh! 80s hunk was so cute! Here he is from a 80s photoshoot with the other 80s pin up, Kimi Katkar. hot pic. Pre gym fad bodies but still fit and sexy. 

Govinda Shirtless in the Beach with a Great body!

When Govinda was young, thin and hot. Shirtless at the beach! Now it would be a blimp floating, but he was sexy as hell back in the 1980s! Sexy Bollywood men only at SBM! 

Rahul Khanna's hot bod, hot biceps

Rahul Khanna's hot bod, hot biceps! He's sort of our ideal and perfect hot desi actor! He's cute, fit, not too over gym'd, not too skinny, just... a hot cuppa coffee that's just damn right. we heart him on SBM.. even though he doesn't seem to work much and spend a hella lot of time lounging around alone topless. hot. sooo hot.

Hot Indian men only at SBM! 

Monday, 19 December 2016

Salman Khan topless in the pool

Salman Khan in the pool. hmm. more comments later. but hmm. SBM icon. Shirtless men only at

Suraj Pancholi's sexy body

ok, this young Bollywood hottie hasn't done a seriously sexy shoot in ages. so here's a reminder that apart from Tiger Shroff, there's this young gun. hot. fit. the bod's beyond too. Hot young Bollywood studs only at

Akshay Kumar's hairy days...

SBM's ultimate 90s hunk. Not that he's visibly aged and waxed... just a reminder of the insane hotness of the unplucked Mr Kumar. Sexay as hella. N'r shy of his man-cleavage, covered in fuzz. The ultimate Bollywood bear. Hot hairy men from Bollywood only at
Plus here's a look at some of Akshay Kumar's kamasutr-ic poses! lolz. hot though.

Tiger Shroff's abs are beyond...

Damn this body! And such a nice guy. Nice guys usually don't have these hot as fk bods. but whoooa Tiger! Grrrr! Tiger Shroff shirtless only at

Friday, 16 December 2016

Saif Ali Khan sexy and shirtless

Saif Ali Khan so sexy still. Over the years shirtless and hot. and cute. and funny!. the bicep shot is so hot. cute.

Cute guys only at SBM!

Sushant Singh Rajput tears his shirt off. HOT!

Sushant Singh Rajput tears his shirt off. HOT! Such a cutie. and so fit. hot men only at SBM!

Varun Dhawan topless over the years. Hot. Esp the hot bulge shots.

Sexy Varun just reminding us of his cuteness and hotness. he's a shorty. but so damn fit. and cuttttttte! Hot Indian men only at SBM! only at