Thursday, 8 December 2016

Ranveer Singh in Red Briefs.

No surprises here. The most talked about package/bulge on KWK, Ranveer Singh and his underwear scene in Befikre. Meh. cute. hot. but not... something. something's missing eh? Hot Indian men in their underwear, only at SBM!

Looking back at some of Ranveer Singh's more popular shirtless scenes, topless in Ram Leela.

Ranveer Singh in his first movie and latest body shot:

Ranveer Singh hits the gym:


Other shirtless shots from Befikre, where Ranveer Singh is... I guess mostly shirtless in the movie and appearing... nude-ish. yay.

Plus other random hot shots of sexy Ranveer Singh.



  1. Just watched befikre directors cut. And can confirm his butt shot. It was only for a second and not very impressive but a little hairy and nice petite bum

  2. Please post the nude screenshot of ranveer singh from befikre

  3. You've got to post the naked butt screen grab from Befikre. It's a pity it's such a tiny shot but his butt in that one moment in it's oiled avatar looked bite worthy! Could eat that ass! Eagerly waiting!

  4. Really Ranveer Singh is my one of best star and he is really best actor and as well as like his body cuts and abs and wanted same like him.i was just searching Ranveer Singh wallpapers and i just found your blog where i found all the images posted above are really amazing thanks for sharing...!

  5. Please post ranveer singh's nude butt scene from befikre