Friday, 31 March 2017

Sohail Khan shirtless and in shorts with a killer bod!

So, this was years ago. maybe early 90s ish. We saw Sohail Khan by the pool wearing, the smallest black bikni speedos we had ever seen on a man. ever. and he had the most amazing kick ass body. he was super cute. super charming. and was nice to everyone around. the bod was insane hot. now here we are decades later and Sohail Khan is still hella sexy. and fit. in fact possibly the fittest brother among the Khans. his face is a bit odd and puffy but that body. esp in those sexy swimshorts. hollerrrr! Hot Indian men only at


  1. please post the pic of sohail in skimpy speedos that u mentione

  2. What was the package like? Please tell me you got a good glimpse.