Sunday, 28 May 2017

Indian Male Models and Actors in briefs and speedos

So sorry guys and gals (yes, we have 40%+ women viewing our blog!), but we have been traveling. when we first set up SBM, there werwe 4 of us fro University. then 3, then 2... jobs. life. careers. money... all taken us away from you. to make it up, there are 39 hot pics of Indian men in brieefs and speedos. more to cum.. um come.

meanwhile, we are not on instagram but there are fake ones of our brand name online. but on the plus side there are some great other pages worth following like fit India, Hit india, six pack India etc. a world of new pic of hot guys mostly shirtless. and sometimes pantless. ie in briefs and speedos. check it out

feel free to send us info, images, links to sites worth visiting, photographers worth following etc. etc.

Hot Indian men in their underwear only at

Hot Indian men in speedos only at

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  1. Anyone has the video/shots of the Macroman ad from the early 90's done by model/actor Mamik (Aamir's brother in Jo Jeeta...)?

    That ad was super long for a TV ad and super hottttt!