Sunday, 11 June 2017

Jackie Shroff in black speedos from Rangeela

there was a bad joke in the 90s of renaming the fun flick Rangeegla to Nangeela. It wasn't that funny then, its not that funny now! but the moral arbiters were so offended by the amount of flesh shown in the film, there was a hue and cry. now, its all so freakin' tame. still sexy Jackie Shroff - who never saw a pair of speedos he didn't like - was hot shit. he was cool. unlike his over gym'd son - who we still think is hot and cute and too damn nice - Jackie Shroff was casual sexy. still is. kinda. oh well. here's a nostalgic pic from back int he day.

BTW we are thinking of doing a top ten shots of Bollywood hunks in speedos soon. do send us your names/pics/recommendations. obviously Akshay Kumar will top the list. simple because.

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