Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Bollywood Hunk Ayub Khan in speedos, kissing.

Ayub Khan was such a hottie. Then he got fat. I mean whoa fat. Like Fardeen khan fat - google its a national fking tragedy. Meanwhile, here he is stripping off into speedos and then French kissing this chick in the tub. hot. look out for the plot twist!! btw the film is not Krishna cottage. just wrongly labelled. dunno y.

Anyhoo, more Indian hunks and actors and male models in speedos here. 

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  1. Ayub is still HOT. Plump and DILFY!

    Fardeen OTOH has become a fat buffallo!

  2. What are you saying?

    Ayub has gotten fat but not unpleasantly so! Deffo not like Fardeen baba!

    Ayub is more like DILDO plump (Daddy I Like to DO)! :)