Saturday, 10 March 2018

Hot Indian Male Model

anyone know who this is and why he's so damn hot and we don't know much about him??? so cute. so fit. those abs. that face! oh hell yeah. we firmly believe, if ya got it, flaunt it. cause all the hotties turn into middle aged pudge, so when you're young and fit - show it off! meanwhile, call be babe - Vandy.


Hello to all members who've been with us since our college days. I'm sure you've noticed we have been updating the page regularly. The ol' folks who ran this page - all four - have moved on in their lives. We have a new team running SBM now. Starting off with Vandy - Vandana! - We will also be turning more pro giving work and opportunities to newcomers. while remaining faithful to the hotties of Bollywood. So expect daily updates and more original content too. best to all. happy new year to all too. 2018 is gonna be a new evolution for SBM. watch this space.

btw - we also have a sister site, Hunks in Speedos for international hotties here. 

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