Saturday, 10 March 2018

Kartik Aaryan takes it off... the pounds, the shirt...

ok, so he's a little on the skinny side. n'r thought there'd be such a thing as too thin? well, in some shots he seems underweight. sure he's ripped and cut and not a shred of belly fat but but.. but... no meat on the bones right? still cute. gorgeous in fact. he looks great in a suit. he's the typical chocolate boy hottie - and that latest film of his is super gay friendly... the bromance is strooooong in sonu ke something ki something... whatever the film is called. We saw his first Hindi film with Subash Ghai and fell asleep - such a boring movie - but it had a few hot kissing scenes in it. then he did another film where he stripped down to boxerbriefs. not shy. cute and hot bod. now he's stripping for photoshoots. yassss. more of that pls.

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  1. A unique combination of cuteness and hotness. He's just perfect! Love his abs, his body, just feel like looking at it all the time..