Sunday, 11 March 2018

Sujo Mathew: Hot South Indian Male Model - ab-tastic

 Its so rare to get South Indian hunks on this site - and whenever we do, we love it. we've been to kovalam and yumm there are some severely hot hotties down under. malu guys with their natural tan, hot bods, yasss. and those ayurvedic oily massages - slip n slide hotness. we've had some awesome discreet sessions there... maybe its the warmth, everyone's hot and randy and ready for it - under discreet covers obviously. anyone wanna share their kerala stories? drop us a line.

which brings us to this hot South Indian guy,

we found him on instagram and yassss. not sure about anyone who is that religious but oh well. dayumn he's fit.

Sujo - we'd love to feature more of you - drop us a line.

Hot Indian men only at SBM

wonder if this guy is interested in a career in movies too... anyone know?


  1. Good lookin' hunk and fab physique, especially in the 2nd and 3rd photos. In the others....he looks a tad too over-gymmed/ almost cyborg-body type. A bit too over muscled, and not sure if he's really rocking those 6/8 pack abs. Might be better if he maintained a leaner, more athletic physique.

    Speaking of Kerala models, can you load some photos of Rajeev Pillai as well? One of the first male models from Kerala to have a successful run in the fashion/modeling industry.

    Tall, extremely well built, athletic guy and while not being drop dead handsome in the traditional sense, has a very arresting face with a powerful jaw line and features. He's a fine amateur cricket player as well, he represented Kerala Strikers Cricket team in CCL and was the Captain for a time. Rajeev's acted in several Malayalam films and 1 Hindi flick as well (which didn't do well, unfortunately!)

    The dude used to be not at all shy about displaying his admirable physique. :-) He used to work out in the same gym I did, and in the locker room, he used to saunter around very nonchalantly in the buff. Towel either in hand or slung over one shoulder. Only rarely around his waist. ;-)

    Didn't come across as anything remotely randy in that sense, just that he was supremely comfortable in his own skin and didn't seem to mind others discreetly looking.

    Bubble buns of steel the dude had, and as for the family jewels, well, let's just say his entire physique was tall and broad and well endowed overall. ;-)
    You really should feature him on this blog.

  2. Yup, there certainly are a number of hot dudes in Kerala! :-) Had posted a comment on the model/actor Rajeev Pillai some weeks back on this thread, but it doesn't seem to have appeared. Please approve it when time permits.

    I think the "hotness" in Kerala guys is partly weather related, partly socio-cultural. Its so very warm and humid that traditionally, almost all dudes in villages/ small towns and a majority even in bigger cities, have gone shirtless outside of work, when they are at home or chilling in their balconies/ front yards. For that matter in smaller towns/villages, its perfectly normal for dudes to be clad just in 'lungis' -- the casual patterned dhotis--even while they are in the neighbourhood. And there are certain rituals/ ceremonial occasions where it is actually mandatory for guys to be bare chested.

    Not to mention that even today, in the smaller towns and villages, there are neighbourhood ponds/lakes or pool-type tanks attached to traditional homes, where men go to have a dip as a group. So its natural for guys here to be very comfortable while shirtless or even just in a skimpy cotton towel. :-)

    Of course earlier a lot of the guys used to be pot bellied and flabby. :-) But in the last couple of decades or so, fitness consciousness has caught on quite majorly, especially among the younger crowd. There are now a number of extremely fit, guy-next-door dudes around.

    Thankfully, Kerala dudes are still retrosexual in the sense of being not at all interested (as yet!) in extreme manscaping. Till recently, the majority used to mandatorily sport 'staches if not a beard as well, but now several (especially the younger crowd) do go clean shaven or with a 2--3 day stubble. But its extremely rare for a Kerala guy to go in for waxing/depilation. Most proudly sport a least some chest/abs fuzz, and consider it a symbol of masculinity.

    Anyhow, another recent sighting I had in the gym/pool I go to, was of actor Rahul Madhav, who's acted in a few Malayalam & Tamil films. Good lookin' dude, but never really registered that he's got an impressively toned, lithe and athletic physique till I chanced to see him in the locker room. And a nicely hairy torso to boot! He was completely nonchalant about strolling around the steam room/ sauna and jacuzzi area in his purple and grey printed jockey briefs!