Saturday, 12 May 2018

Naked Indian Actor

We get retarded requests for images of naked Indian actors ALL the time. We don't and we never have posted fake pics - so what makes you think we will now? el stupidoooo.

But here are real images of a rising star nude..ish. well, naked but with covered bits. Here's a hot butt shots of actor Jim Sarbh. He's ok looking. that nose.. lol. but nice bod. i know there are many who found him hot since his effete role in Padmavat and his alleged bj scene with Ranveer Singh that got cut. Did it happen or was it just fan fiction online? who knows.

thanks to instagram so many Indian male models are posing nude or dong butt shots that this is now not a big deal. Popular Bollywood stars such as Shahrukh khan, Rishi Kapoor (in his day in Bobby), Ranbir Kapoor etc have done butt shots before.

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