Friday, 22 June 2018

Indian or Eurasian model Jason Batra naked and in briefs

um dang yo. how hot is this hottie?! jason Batra...


  1. Briefed or naked ... Jason Batra is divine!!!

  2. Hmmm.. 2 likes.. more please but artisticly erotic..

  3. That slightly hairy butt on Jason Batra is just divine. ;-) ;-) Really like the fuzz on his muscular legs, that treasure trail and the hint of pubes. Very aesthetically and erotically shot.

    Those 2 snaps with him posing next to the bed (with the lampshade close to his arm) are a bit of an artistic tease as he's facing a mirror there. ;-) One is always tempted to peer into the mirror in the photo, to see if his 'crown jewels' have been reflected there. No such luck, though. :-)