Friday, 3 August 2018

Farhan Akhtar strips off and jumps into the pool. Yasss that body

Its not much of a competition but holy shizz Farhan Akhtar is the hottest Bollywood director / actor . writer / non-singer (can we pls fking stop indulging him. Let Sonu Nigam sing, not act, Farhan sometimes but DONT SING) around.

the abs are wowsa ridic. the bulge, the sq cut swimsuit. yasss hunty. yasss.

the board shorts at the beach are safe and boring. but towel series is hot. gorgeous. the man is beautiful and the intelligence and humour makes him even hotter.  also, talk about a DILF...

Hot Indian men only. Man got a tan? send us his pics!!

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  1. He is soooo hot����������