Sunday, 10 February 2013


Young photograph Ronald NZ Tan ( has always managed to capture the male form beautifully. His published work is mostly of American male models - and its beyond amazing.

Thankfully for us, his fascination with 'desi' guys means we can get to see hot browns nude and semi nude. if you are a male model or aspiring male model and of desi origin, contact the fab mr tan and get some shots done. 

He has captured Sukhdeep, aka Sukh, so well here and Sukh's a pro model in the US now. we've always been a fan of sukh and more so of Ronald Tan as he does have a way of finding beauty in the most ordinary looking Indian men. Sukh's an exception as he's really good looking (and cocky 'cause he knows it!) and has been photographed well, as expcted, but if you see Tan's portfolio, he's made, what we find pretty ordinary Indian guys, look wow as well.

Some snaps here. many more incredible pics at his site
NSFO btw.

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  1. He's on instagram as well . His I.D. is sukhmaan.