Saturday, 9 February 2013

Vivek Oberoi

yes, we know. NOT a shirtless pic but you know what, Vivek Oberoi has never posed with his shirt off on camera. with good reason. he's a little soft and doughy. muffin top included. apparently he's never been off carbs! lols. 

But these pics make us wonder, hmm, is he FINALLY getting fit? the chiseled face, the tight-t.... did he finally discover a gym?!  there might be hope yet. we used to think he was hot until he started going out with aishwarya rai. no matter what happens, if you pose next to THE aishwarya rai, you're going to be the ugly one. her overpowering beauty sort of leaves everyone in its shadowy wake. the biggest mis-match in the history of b'wood, thank god that fizzled out. the over-confidence made him less appealing... then the constant barrage of flops. then the spiral sort of went out of whack.

finally, he's emerging out of the downward spiral of his career. we wish him well. and strike a pose and show us some abs dude.

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  1. vivek has gone shirtless in his last movie with malika shrewat