Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Vishal Raj

the hottest male model we've seen in ages. Vishal Raj from Pune. shot by the adorable amit khanna. this guy is gorgeous but for b'wood standards... you know he's only getting roles of the villain. but dayum will that be a hot villian!

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Back to Biz

Dancing cheeck to cheek... right click and open image on new tab for much LARGER pic - and better clue

tiime for an SBM game - name that butt? which actor was posing in briefs and the flash revealed a bit too much of this fine, fine behind?? known to wear black bikini briefs is our only clue.  he lives in the gym. the body is near perfect. known for his action movies. whoaaa baby. he's hottt

if anyone has any hot tales of a hot encounter with a hottie - drop us a line.

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UPDATE: Soooo here's the issue. as the image was taken without the permission of the dude, we might get into legal trouble if we say who's fantastic butt this is - btw the body is incredible. gym toned six-pack all the way. So now we don't know what to do. reveal who it is and risk closure of this entire blog - nooooo - or just let you guess with the infinite pleasure and possibility of whoever you want this to be. btw so far - no one has guessed correctly. to be fair the star hasn't done that many films, just a handful. 

Male Model in Underwear

Gorgeous Amitoj Singh unzips and reveals a hot, hot bod. we can't see 50 shades of grey but defo one shade of hottt in this shot! amazing body, picture. hot Indian guys in their underwear only at

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Jackie Shroff

back in the daaazay, this was one of the most talked about and controversial covers. A young, newcomer Jackie Shroff kissing hottie Zeenat Aman on the mouth for Stardust. Jackie Shroff was none-too-shy about sex-ing things up. he looks so cute and young here. and that raw-sex appeal. which is sadly missing in Tiger Shroff - despite his amazeballs body. sexy guys only at

Sunny Deol

our fav Deol, sexy Sunny Deol in speedos in the pool. loved 80s hunks in speedos. so rare for actors to pose in speedos for magazine shoots now. but in the 80s - and even early 90s, Indian hunks stripped down for a sexy snap. 80s hunks - in speedos!! - only at

Sunny Deol in speedos, shirtless, in shorts here.

Sunny Deol archive of shirtless shots here.

Siddharth Malhotra

sexy sid shirtless. such a hot and cute scene in the fab hasee toh fasee. Siddharth Malhotra needs to be shirtless in one shot in every film of his. cute. fit. topless. yummers. cute guys shirtless only at PS: he's so cute even with his clothes on!!

Akshay Kumar

um Akshay-sutra?! lols. sexy Akshay Kumar and his antics on camera. he's hella sexy. pics below to showcase his freakin' chiseled jawling and face. classic good looks of this gorgeous man. liked him fuzzy chested didn't you?! sexy snaps of sbm icon, shirtless akshay kumar only at

Aditya Roy Kapoor

there are so few shirtless pics of gorgeous Aditya Roy Kapoor that we clap in glee when we find them online! eg this one. click to enlarge. go back in archive to see more (click on name tag below!). sexy snaps of model turned vj turned Bollywood actors online only at

Sunday, 17 May 2015


Naked Indian male model - artfully covered. Sexy, gorgeous Himanshu Sharawat. he's just damn near perfect. great face, amazing body. international looks. awesome.

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see archive of sexy shots of Himanshu in various states of undress here. 

Sean Prakash

we are obsessed Francois Matthys photography. he makes everyone look amazing. gorgeous indian guys only at

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Shahid Kapoor

oh. my. ggggg. just came. sexy as hell Shahid Kapoor shirtless on his instagram account. sooo many reasons to stalk him online. hot. wow abs. just perfect. sexy shirtless Indian guys in towels only at

Kunal Khemu

Kunal Khemu. the hotness. the cuteness of this sexy man with his sexy bod. he's chooo chweet. hot cute guys with shirtless, topless shots only at

Saturday, 9 May 2015

Rahul Khanna nude

Rahul Khanna's butt shots from his show. cute, fit, lean and mean. great body. can't wait to see the show. no fakes, only real nude Bollywood hunks at

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Anuj Singh Duhan

one of the hottest male models in India, Anuj Singh Duhan has one of the best bodies and most interesting faces in the biz. the abs are ridic hot. the smile is cute. the nude bed shots are hot as hell. there are some seriously hot guys in India and mostly at

plus hot pic of male models in speedos and working out at the gym here. glad they all have to work for it and its not just natural!!


Amit Mehra

who is this hot hot bod? Amit Mehra. wet. in the shower. nude. hot indian guy. amazing. great series of pics. plus the body's near perfect. hot wet naked Indian guys at