Sunday, 27 March 2016

Top Ten Dino Morea's Sexiest Songs

Gladrags hunk turned supermodel turned non-actor, Dino Morea has blessed the screens with his awesome good looks. Ordinary actor, but extraordinary looking man, this hot Indo-Italiano has never shied of taking his shirt off on screen. esp in songs. Here are Top Ten sexy Dino Morea Songs. Scroll through, eventually he'll be topless. And sometimes in shorts too. bless him. hot shizz.

He's had some pretty hot tracks and hits on film. plus the sexy music videos he's appeared in for alisha china and abhijeet and others. worth watching and hearing.

Do let us know if we are missing any other hot numbers. We were looking for a hot song he did with a dragon tatoo, but can't find it online.

Dino Morea - we miss your sexy shots. We follow you on instagram and hot damn - still sizzling. Thank god he doesn't have a 'dad-bod'. as most models when they hit their 30s do. well, in India at least!  Follow the golden path of Milind Soman - 50+ hot bod forever.

Here's hoping he does more sexy videos soon!

+ Hot ads featuring topless Dino Morea - and his rockin' abs.


Vidyut Jamwal in his Underwear

Vidyut Jamwal in his Underwear. Latest pic of him. This gorgeous man was a model first, turned action star. So droppin' trou is not a problem - so why don't B'wood directors have more sexy shots of this uber hottie??!

Screengrabs of him shirtless below. Vidyut in.. micro-shorts? or some color underwear on the catwalk and other hot shots of his perfectly hot looking young man from India.

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Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Naked Indian Male Model

here's a question that's popped up in our head again - what's hap with our fav NRI male model Rishi Idnaani? Is he still in the biz? Any new pics? we miss posting about him. there even used to be an entire blog dedicated to this hot hot Indian hunk. so sad. we no longer see anything about this damn sexy man. esp the sizzling shoots he used to do eg this for fantastics mag - back in the day.

such a hot shoot.

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Monday, 21 March 2016

Saif Ali Khan and Akshay Kumar

We m iss the sexy bromance days of Saif Ali Khan and Akshay Kumar, Look how skinny Saif was. And Akshay's unshaved chest. The bizarre hotness of it all...

Saif droppin' trou - btw he's not shy of stripping for camera if you see his movies. But mostly he does it for comic effect - although there's nothing comic about sexy Saif. We think he's HOTTT!

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Sunday, 20 March 2016

Varun Dhawan and John Abraham in swim shorts

Varun Dhawan and John Abraham in swim shorts from the upcoming film.

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Aditya Roy Kapoor shirtless

\oooh look at dem biceps. Sexy Aditya Roy Kapoor showing off the guns. we love it. sun's out, gun's out. helloooo summer.

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Male Model in Briefs

Anuj Singh Duhan in white briefs. we had an earlier post that credited wrong pic with wrong name - it has been corrected. so here's this gorgeous male model. Anuj Singh Duhan has an amazing body and he's not shy of showing it off - bless him. he has gone beyond just shooting in India and has worked abroad too - we have a huge sexy archive of his hot shots. do check 'em out.

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Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Muzammil Ibrahim

Gosh, we haven't seen a hot new pic of gorgeous sexy Muzammil Ibrahim in aaages. what's he upto? anyone have any new pics? has he done any new hot shots? sigh.. he's so pretty. we heart him here at SBM.

We love this hot shot taken by hot photographer Subi Samuel (he's also very hot!).

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Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Hot Indian Male Model in Swimshorts

UPDATE: name correction.

Sumit Patwari has a tiiiiiiite bod. Fit as fk. Not an ounce of fat. Editorial hotness in this swimsuit shot.great pic.

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Sunday, 13 March 2016

Dino Morea's latest Shirtless Shot

Hellooooooooo DILF!! Dino Morea, one of the original Gladrags hunks, models that turned to film is still FIT AS FK! Damn he's hot. sooo hot. Following the sexy footsteps of the original Indian male supermodel Milind Soman (who at 50 plus in speedos will knock the socks out of anyone half his age), Dino Morea with his health and fitness initiative is still one of the hottest hunks on the planet. I mean wow. Him aging... ages us but he gives us hope 'cause damn even now he's got that rockin' body.

We hope he'll be brave enough to find his old speedos and don them and show us that he's still got 'it'! Hot hot. forever hot.

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Sushant Singh caught shirtless

Sushant Singh hits the gym. Hot. cute. We aren't overwhelmed by his hotness - he's the desi guy next door with a gym membership. we've run into him several times at a lobby of a posh five star hotel and esp in a city like Mumbai, he's just yet another cute guy that you see. perhaps that's his appeal. the guy next door with a hot career. and fab abs.

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Anuj Sachdeva in a Towel

Anuj Sachdeva topless in a towel. Yummy. Indian TV's sexiest hunk (well, one of!), Anuj Sachdeva's been strutting around our fantasies for aaaages. He's sooo cute. so fit. and damn those hot biceps. and sexy little nips. that fit torso. Why oh why isn't there more of him in images?

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TV Actor in Underwear and in Bed

TV hunk Vishal Singh has been on our horizon for a while but the same set of sexy pics keep popping up - here they are again but with fan edits. cute. hot. Wish this sexy hunk would do more hot photoshoots. We love the underwear shots, the briefs and the boxer-briefs in bed. so hot. we wait for more snaps from this TV hunk.

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Saturday, 12 March 2016

Shirtless Abhinav Shukla clip

as y'all know - well, as most SBM followers (keep the faith!) know, we four have been crushign on sexy Abhinav Shukla for years. yearsssssss. finally a clip showing off how we've been ogling him in a similar way. one pity, when the towel drops, he's wearing shorts, not sexy briefs. still enough topless scenes to have us watching this again and agian. he's soooo hot. does he know? punjabi guys are... mast. sigh. Sexy Indian hunks only at

Vivan Bhatena topless in swimshorts

clip/ad is odd, hot, funny, cute. Vivan Bhatena is too cute. and such a hot body. not too over gymd and no flubber. he's super sweet in person as well. and that strong nose. hot. cute tv guys topless only at

Ruslaan Mumtaz Shirtless clip

Ruslaan Mumtaz is too cute. amazing body and great face. and he's hot. and he knows it. cause the guy hasn't shied away from taking his top off. ever. bless him. This sexy TV hunk in a clip here. topless often. soooo hot. so cute. Hot Indian TV hunks only at

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Karan Singh Grover in his underwear

Karan Singh Grover in boxer-briefs and by the pool. damn he's hot. with a messy as hell personal life but whooaaa that body. TV hunk turned reality tv star to movie star. purely based on looks. that's ok. katrina kaif did real well purely on looks too! ;0)
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Monday, 7 March 2016

Topless Varun once again

the unshy Varun Dhawan topless is a regular feature here at SBM and we know the fans love it. but does Varun love stropping more than the fans love seeing him strip? one will never know. here's Bollywood's young hottie shirtless yet again. hot. cute. fit. those abs. wowsa. Sexy shirtless Bollywood men only at