Sunday, 27 March 2016

Top Ten Dino Morea's Sexiest Songs

Gladrags hunk turned supermodel turned non-actor, Dino Morea has blessed the screens with his awesome good looks. Ordinary actor, but extraordinary looking man, this hot Indo-Italiano has never shied of taking his shirt off on screen. esp in songs. Here are Top Ten sexy Dino Morea Songs. Scroll through, eventually he'll be topless. And sometimes in shorts too. bless him. hot shizz.

He's had some pretty hot tracks and hits on film. plus the sexy music videos he's appeared in for alisha china and abhijeet and others. worth watching and hearing.

Do let us know if we are missing any other hot numbers. We were looking for a hot song he did with a dragon tatoo, but can't find it online.

Dino Morea - we miss your sexy shots. We follow you on instagram and hot damn - still sizzling. Thank god he doesn't have a 'dad-bod'. as most models when they hit their 30s do. well, in India at least!  Follow the golden path of Milind Soman - 50+ hot bod forever.

Here's hoping he does more sexy videos soon!

+ Hot ads featuring topless Dino Morea - and his rockin' abs.


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  1. Bollywood Insider30 March 2016 at 20:48

    Holiday is a movie worth watching JUST for Dino-boys fine ass! Woof!

    Sadly the DVD is missing some of the best shots that we saw in the preview theater. But still!