Friday, 1 December 2017

Hot Indian Men only at SBM

This really should be our logo riiite? Hot. Indian. Brown. Bollywood. Hunk. Shahid Kapoor. So many yeses.


  1. Great posts recently!! Keep it up

  2. I wanna fuck him right now...

  3. one can figure out his underwear

  4. Superbly impressive physique....but I would just add the tiniest asterisk here that it was quite wrong for the *character* portrayed. Why, Oh Why, could Shahid not have sported at least some body hair for this role.

    A medieval ruler would hardly have the time or the inclination to manscape himself to such a degree.....It looked quite artificial in that context.

    Shahid has considerable charm and joie de vivre. Wish he would just be comfortable enough to sport a fuzzy chest at least in some roles.